FTIR and Raman

Spectral Libraries





FTIR and Raman

Spectral Libraries

Fiveash Data Management, Inc. (FDM) is a publisher of FTIR and Raman spectral libraries. We are based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Scientists around the world search the FDM FTIR, ATR/FTIR and Raman libraries to identify or characterize FTIR and Raman spectra of unknown compounds.

Our customers work in a variety of sectors including

1) the chemical industry (polymers, adhesives, plastics, rubber, paper, petroleum, organic and inorganic chemicals, geology and mining, drugs, foods, construction materials and commercial analytical laboratories)

2) manufacturing ( aerospace, automotive, appliances, electronics)

3) government ( crime labs, public safety, customs, military and intelligence)

4) academia (teaching, departmental analytical laboratories, research groups, institutes)           

5) art conservation and archaeology

FDM’s library bundles are excellent values because of their quality, quantity and variety of spectra, license terms and pricing.

FDM’s libraries are available for use in many FTIR and Raman spectral search program formats.

FDM offers the world’s largest and highest quality collections of Raman mineral spectra.

FDM is an authorized reseller of the NIST Mass Spectral Library.