FDM Supported FTIR Search Software Formats

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.: SpecDB UVIR Manager(tm)
Bruker Optik, GmbH: OPUS-NT(tm) (click here for a screenshot)
FDM Library Search (click here for details)
LabControl, GmbH: Spectacle(tm)
Mattson Instruments, Inc.: First/Winfirst(tm)

Operant, LLC: EssentialFTIR(tm) (with the FDM Library Search)
(Essential FTIR supported file formats: Bruker's OPUS
(tm), Gasmet, Thermo's GRAMS(tm), Interspectrum,  JCAMP and  other ASCII formats, Jasco, PerkinElmer, Smiths Detection, Spectacle, Thermo's OMNIC(tm),  Thermo's Winfirst(tm), Analect, Beijing Rayleigh, Buck Scientific, Varian  and more)

LabCognition Analytical Software GmbH&CoKG;   Panorama Search Add-On Module 
Perkin-Elmer, Inc.: Spectrum Search(tm)
SensIR Technologies, LLC/ Smiths Detection; QualID(tm)
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc: HyperIR(tm) and IRsolution(tm)
ThermoGalactic, Inc.:GRAMS(tm) / SpectralID(tm) 

ThermoNicolet, Inc: OMNIC(tm)
Varian, Inc: Resolutions(tm) v 4.0, as of January, 2006 (click here for a screenshot)

If you have custom format requirements please inquire.

FDM Supported Mass Spectra Search Software Formats

NIST Search Program / NIST Common Format

If you have custom format requirements please inquire.

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