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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I search ATR/FTIR vs transmission FTIR spectra and vice versa?


A: Yes. Search over the fingerprint region. Expect lower search scores but still useful results.

Q: Can I add to the library?

A: This is a forthcoming feature of the FDM SearchFaster(tm) software.

Q: What are the advantages of ATR over transmission sampling?

A: ATR sampling is faster, requires far less skill and is far more reproducible than transmission sampling.  Most labs save time, effort and money with ATR.

Q: Why does FDM provide ATR libraries with spectra measured on both diamond and Germanium crystals?


A:  See this PDF flier for more details and graphics showing the difference between diamond and germanium spectra.

Q: What is meant by saying spectra run on a Germanium ATR crystal are more transmission-like than those recorded on diamond or Zinc selenide (ZnSe)?

A: Because of Germanium’s high refractive index the effect of ATR peak broadening from anomolous dispersion on the high frequency (high wavenumber) side of a peak is greatly reduced compared to diamond or ZnSe. Thus, the peaks are more transmission-like.

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