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Mixture Analysis

The FDM Mixture Libraries are rapid screening tools for solving bulk mixture identification problems. Use them with your conventional libraries.

Searching conventional spectral libraries works well when your samples are more or less neat compounds. But search results typically degrade when additional components reach 10% relative concentration.

Searching mixture libraries is far easier and overall superior to spectral subtraction since no unnatural discontinuities (jagged features, distorted baselines, etc.) are inserted into your data. 

We have two types of mixture libraries: Kits and Mixtures.

Kits contain defined sets of mixtures based on human knowledge and experience.  For example, the FDM ATR Drug Kit has 200 sets of mixtures (like cocaine + heroin) totaling about 4250 ATR/FTIR spectra. Searching takes just a few seconds.

Mixtures address the problem with combinations of neat compound spectra. These libraries are much larger than the Kit libraries.

For plastics analysis see:

For drug analysis see:

For petroluem screening of the six BTEX chemicals see:

For gas analysis see:

Don't see your mixture analysis application?  Ask!  

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