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FDM SDK Spectroscopic Search Engine

Parallelism on 24 cores, 3 search jobs in quick succession.jpg

This image shows the FDM SearchFaster(tm) software performing three(3) searches in quick succession on about 900,000 spectra, most of which are mixture spectra, which is a much heavier task than searching single spectra.  While this was run on a Windows 11 computer with a top end CPU and high bus speeds, the important take away is the (formerly) immense computational job is now multithreaded and smoothly spread out over 24 logical cores. 

  • Extremely fast search speeds

  • Suitable for real time imaging and conventional spectroscopic search

  • Your application will no longer be bound by search speed

  • Expand the scope of the problems your customers can routinely solve

  • Optionally searches the FDM FTIR, ATR/FTIR and Raman Libraries

  • Search unknown spectra individually or entire spectroscopic images

  • Search conventional libraries or mixture libraries (models of bulk mixtures)

  • Straightforward, documented API for easy integration into your application(s)

  • Digitally signed code

  • 8 Search Algorithms, more can be added

  • Two bulk mixture modelling methods

  • Extendable to many spectroscopic domains

Keywords: GC-FTIR, LC-FTIR, VPFTIR, gas, vapor, remote sensing, hyperspectral, multispectral, thermal, UV-VIS, UV/VIS, NIR, near-IR, near-infrared, mid-IR, mid-infrared, Raman, camera, microscope, telescope, satellite, JWST, imaging spectrometer, imaging photometer.

FDM SearchFaster™ is a trademark of Fiveash Data Management, Inc.

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