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  • Available to forensic chemists working in both trace and drug analysis.

    Consists of 

    1) the FDM ATR Plastics Kit, 

    2) the FDM ALL ATR Bundle, and

    3) the FDM FTIR Bundle I.

    4) the FDM ATR Drug Kit and the FDM ATR Drug Mixtures


    Includes the FDM SearchFaster(tm) software and these 25 libraries:


    FDM ATR Polymers Diamond
    FDM ATR Polymers Germanium
    FDM ATR Organics Diamond
    FDM ATR Organics Germanium
    FDM ATR Inorganics Diamond
    FDM ATR Inorganics Germanium
    FDM ATR Dyes Diamond
    FDM ATR Dyes Germanium
    FDM ATR Retail Adhesives & Sealants
    FDM ATR Drugs
    FDM ATR Essential Oils
    FDM Multiangle ATR Polymers (NEW!)


    FDM ATR Drug Kit

    FDM ATR Drug Mixtures


    FDM ATR Resins 2-Components
    FDM ATR Resins 3-Components
    FDM ATR Resins + Fillers
    FDM ATR Resins + Plasticizers
    FDM ATR Resins + Polymers Additives


    FDM FTIR Polymers & Polymer Additives
    FDM FTIR Surfactants
    FDM FTIR Organics
    FDM FTIR Minerals & Inorganics


    FDM FTIR Forensic Subscription

    Price Options
    FDM Forensic Subscr.
    Monthly Subscription
    $199.99every month until canceled
    FDM Forensic Subscr.
    Annual Subscription
    $2,398.00every year until canceled
    • We serve verifiable businesses, goverments and academic institutions.  Please use your business, government or academic email address and credit or debit cards. Please inquire if you have questions. Order cancellation fees apply for customers that can not be verified.

    • The order fulfillment process is not automated.   After approving an order, we will send download instructions during weekday business hours.

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