FDM Raman Spectra of Organic Compounds ( 598 Spectra )

These raman spectra are from a dispersive instrument and cover 200 cm-1 to 2000 cm-1.

Each spectrum was invidually and systematically background subtracted using advanced software tools available from Spectrum Square Associates and used with ThermoGalactic's GRAMS software. The net effect was rationally and properly corrected spectra. We believe this special attention to detail and usability makes these spectra an especially useful or even a superior reference collection.

The compounds in the database cover a useful and diverse range including small organic compounds, amino acids, a number of dyes and a number of over the counter pharmaceuticals, polymers and, despite the title, some inorganic compounds.

For database search purposes all spectra were normalized.

FDM Raman Spectra of Organic Compounds Chemical Name Index

Raman spectrum of cyclohexanone

These data are part of the FDM Electronic Handbook CDROM version. You can review them for free.

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