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Library Bundles

FDM’s FTIR & Raman Library Bundles are collections of libraries valued for their quality, quantity, variety, license terms and pricing.

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FTIR Bundles


This collection of 12 ATR/FTIR libraries provides an excellent balance suitable for most scientists using FTIR for qualitative identification of unknown samples. The FDM ATR libraries are ideal for use with your ATR and FTIR search software because of the greater reproducibility of ATR sampling compared with transmission sampling.

FDM ATR ALL Bundle Includes:

See also the FDM ATR Plastics Kit and the FDM ATR Drug Kit.

FDM FTIR Bundle I (2728 spectra)

This collection of four transmission FTIR libraries and one ATR/FTIR library is our entry level product. It’s a good start for many different professions.

FDM FTIR Bundle I Includes:

Raman Bundles

FDM Raman Bundle (3050 spectra)

We believe this collection of four Raman libraries is the highest quality collection of Raman spectra available. All four libraries were run with a 780 nm laser. These libraries are full range and were run on a fixed grating system with a high sensitivity camera with system performance checks being run daily.

FDM Raman Bundle Includes:


See also the FDM Raman Plastics Kit, the FDM ALL ATR Bundle and the FDM ATR Plastics Kit.

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