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FDM HiRes VPFTIR Refrigerant Mixtures (>19,000 spectra)

  • 400 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1

  • 2 cm-1 resolution

  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 components per spectrum

  • 1% concentration interval for the 2 and 3 component mixtures

  • 2% concentration interval for the 4 and 5 component mixtures


This library is for rapid screening of refrigerant gas mixtures. It is derived from the neat 430 spectra in the FDM HiRes VPFTIR library.

These are the ASHRAE R codes for the refrigerant mixtures in the library:

R-400 R-401 R-402 R-403 R-404
R-405 R-406 R-407 R-408 R-409
R-410 R-411 R-412 R-413 R-414
R-415 R-416 R-417 R-418 R-419
R-420 R-421 R-422 R-423 R-424
R-425 R-426 R-427 R-428 R-429
R-430 R-431 R-432 R-433 R-434

R-435 R-436 R-437 R-438 R-439
R-440 R-441 R-500 R-501 R-502
R-503 R-504 R-505 R-506 R-507
R-508 R-509 R-510 R-511

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