FDM FTIR Spectra of Minerals and Inorganic Compounds ( 310 Spectra )

Based on the orginal 130 spectra from the FDM FTIR Spectra of Minerals this expanded collection includes more mineral spectra and over 120 spectra of inorganic compounds. Its an excellent reference for analytical chemists and geologists alike as it contains basic inorganic materials and minerals used by industry. Some minerals have samples from several locations around the globe.

Our original mineral spectra are from an authoritative source making them the highest quality spectra. The spectra cover from 400 to 4,800 cm-1 and are essential to those who deal with mineral components or contaminants in their chemical feed stocks.

The inorganic spectra are of high quality and show considerable detail making them useful for searching with your spectra or for confirming, for example, the presence of a given inorganic compound in a plastic material.

 Sample: Infrared Spectrum of Potassium Persulfate       Chemical Name Index

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